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About Us

Aloktex is a textile representative company that helps overseas customers source  yarn and fabrics. With more than 15 years of experience, we have a high quality and a reliable supplier base established across India.

Having started in 2003 as a company dealing in regular yarns, over the years Aloktex has expanded in helping customers source Speciality yarns, Hand Knitting yarns and Knitted Fabrics.

We work with pre-selected quality manufacturers across India. Along with yarn quality, we negotiate deals, follow-up on production, ensure timely shipment and update clients with documentation and delivery schedule.

Quality Assurance

A special quality assurance wing ensures implementation and strict adherence to quality standards and parameters at each and every level of manufacturing, right from procurement of raw materials to final packaging of ready products so that only the perfect merchandise is shipped out.

Why Aloktex ?

With modern communication facilities like internet, e-mail and mobile, the world has become very small. One can reach out to anybody. But, this cannot replace the importance of human touch.

From the plethora of mills in India, we introduce only carefully selected producers of yarn and fabrics to our overseas buyers. This assists them in concentrating in their principle work and leaving selection of yarn and fabrics to us.